Virtual training


Up your game and embrace another level of  home exercise with  NEW heart-rate zone training, 24-hour class schedule,  live coaching, encouragement and motivation.

The Power Plate MOVE is the most popular of our models for home exercise.  Including the MZ-Switch to your home training will take it up to a whole new level of fun and achievement.

The MyZone MZ-Switch adds heart rate measurement to your training for more motivation, with training zones individualised to your own fitness levels.

Using the MZ-Switch you have access to a virtual gym training tool wih live and pre-recorded classes led by global Power Plate coaches, with an app that displays the heart rate feedback of all participants on one screen, no matter where you are.

Experience real-time motivation and encouragement and compete against your peers. Participate in challenges and connect to the global Power Plate community.



A coach at your command

This is a new and better way of exercising than you’ve ever found before. The Power Plate 7 series puts a personal trainer at your fingertips for extra motivation. The powerful integrated touch screen computer gives you access to exercise videos and coaching tips to help give you that edge you’re looking for. This built-in virtual training content allows you to tailor workouts to your needs and guides you step by step so you’ll prepare faster, perform better and recover quicker.

Like all Power Plate equipment, each of the 7 Series models features our proprietary whole vibration technology engineered to activate your body’s natural reflexive response in order to engage muscles and multiply the results of any exercise. Power Plate also improves core strength, balance and stability, and maintains weight loss.

Below are some recommended models.

PrecisionWave™ Technology
Dual Sync™ Twin Motor System
Multiple Time Selectors
Frequency Settings
Vibration Settings
Wireless Heart Rate Monitor
User–friendly Interactive Display
proMOTION™ Technology
On–screen Training Videos
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Platform Dimensions
Maximum Load
Power Plate Pro7™
20-50Hz / 1Hz increments
0 to 8 (with 27 sublevels of intensity)
96cm x 117cm x 155cm
96cm x 94cm
Power Plate My7™
30-40Hz / 5Hz increments
1 – 6
84cm x 99cm x 150cm
84cm x 74cm