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Power Plate® equipment offers the next generation of fitness technology, providing one of the most efficient workouts available. It offers high-efficiency training unlike anything you’ve ever experienced that burns fat, enhances muscle tone, improves balance, boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage and increases strength.

Also successful as bespoke standalone studios, Power Plate training has a strong synergy with Pilates and yoga practices, attracting clientele who are mindful about their health and particular about getting in their fix of movement regularly.

Studios succeed by delivering Power Plate classes to small groups for high levels of personalisation and attention, by using Power Plate as a Personal Training tool, or by offering unsupervised sessions using the 100s of installed programmes on the 7-series machines to guide members through their choice of exercises.

Fitness clubs


Fitness consumers are increasingly concerned about safety and managing anxiety, as well as maintaining their usual health and wellness practices.

Power Plate technology delivers better results in less time and a Power Plate session can be completed more quickly than a traditional workout, providing a solution for members to work out more safely, on fewer pieces of equipment, in less time – without compromising results.

Power Plate supports these changes in member mindset, so facilities can operate with confidence.

  • SMARTERKeep your business relevant by diversifying, differentiating and adapting your offering.
  • SHORTEROperate your business with ease by reducing complexity and improving efficiency for increased results, retention and revenue.
  • SAFERBoost member results and satisfaction through improved confidence, experience and engagement.

There are many different options for generating revenue with Power Plate equipment …

Small group training

Power Plate Small Group Training pre-choreographed classes generate the quickest ROI with the largest margin. It is the most social and inclusive, and generates the most buzz amongst members. The small group class setting establishes a bond between instructor and participants, which aids in member retention, improves club involvement and frequency of visits and enhances revenue.

Find out more about Power Plate supported prechoreographed small group training system

Large group training

Power Plate MOVE provides the advantages of offering large group classes, with the versatility of repurposing the studio space for other activities. Fast-paced classes with HIIT, or dedicated stretch and recovery classes allow every member to upgrade their workouts – whatever else they do at your facility.

Personal training

Attract the 90%+ of members who are not currently using a personal trainer. Since a session can be completed in 30 minutes, Power Plate machines offer a less intimidating and more affordable option. They also increase trainer sales opportunities by adding another service.

Other integrations

The Prepare – Recover Quickstart programming on the Power Plate pro7 machines is an effective way to enable your members to enhance every workout they do and recover quicker for the next day.

Hayley Hollander – Fitness Director at Midtown Athletic Club

“We LOVE the Power Plate for many reasons, as it offers a vast array of training modalities to meet the needs of the client and member. From flexibility, strength, balance, core, power, and massage the Power Plate is an all-in-one tool that maximizes client outcomes, while utilizing little space. Our members and clients use it before and after they play tennis or workout, to enhance their overall readiness to move and play. Within their training sessions they use it to increase strength, power, and improve neural activation. And everyone’s favorite way to use the Power Plate is to promote quick and effective recovery through massage.”

Healthcare centres


Providing a multitude of benefits for users of diverse ages and physical conditions, Power Plate therapy addresses a broad range of debilitating symptoms and speeds recovery time, allowing patients to more quickly resume their normal daily functions. A wide range of health and wellness benefits are proven, from strength, balance, flexibility and weight loss to improved circulation, reduced arterial stiffness and lower arterial pressure, and pain reduction.

Decades of research have shown that whole body vibration can be used safely to effectively for people with various pathologies such as Parkinsons’ Disease, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy to diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and locomotive syndromes brought about by ageing.

  • HEART HEALTH – Increased cardiovascular fitness, increased peripheral perfusion, reduced arterial stiffness, and decreased blood viscosity
  • BONE HEALTH – Promotes bone-building activity without high-impact exercise
  • OBESITY – Increased metabolism and reduced visceral abdominal fat, with long term benefit
  • STRENGTH AND POWER – Increase muscle strength and power and counter sarcopaenia to improve functional strength in activities of daily living
  • PROPRIOCEPTION – With increased sensory stimulation of the mechanoreceptors on the balls of the feet, in the fascia and joints, proprioception improves, improving balance and reducing postural sway
  • NEUROMUSCULAR ACTIVATION – Rapid, subconscious neuromuscular activation increases muscle recruitment and motor learning

Dr. Perry Cammisa – Certified Biomechanics Specialist President, Ultimate ChiroCare™ President and Cofounder,

“Plenty of things come and go. With the Power Plate, we are seeing results I never would have dreamed are possible. It’s the most exciting piece of equipment we’ve ever had in our office.”

Fiona Gilbert – Medical Fitness Trainer & Power Plate Certified Master Trainer

“My clients and I love the Power Plate for pain management and neuro rehab. The harmonic vibrations can assist in the reprogramming of the nervous system as well as neuroplasticity.”

Lisa Jursky – MSPT

“The more I use the Power Plate, the more I have come to realize that I will never again work in a clinical setting that does not use the Power Plate. It is that powerful of a device; it does make a difference in how my patients feel; and most importantly, it is making what I do as a physical therapist more effective!”

Chad Timmermans – exercise physiologist, specialist therapist for brain injured children

“A Power Plate is an essential piece of equipment in my practice. When using it with people who have cerebral palsy, stroke or any muscle stiffness or motor condition, it helps me both strengthen their muscles, reduce spasticity, and increase body awareness all at the same time. Learning about Power Plate was a game changer for my patients.”

Elite sports


PREPARE FASTER – Power Plate promotes neuromuscular activation and performance. According to scientific research, athletes training with Power Plate have experienced significant increases in sprint performance, overall improvement in jump height, and explosive strength and endurance. Whole body vibration training has also been shown to increase range of motion, coordination, balance, and stability.

PERFORM BETTER – Power Plate increases performance in the weight room, during practice, and in competition. Power Plate helps athletes maintain performance and reduce risk of injury during training and competition. The athlete is able to activate and maintain neuromuscular efficiency when they need it most.

RECOVER QUICKER – A lack of recovery and regeneration often hinders athletes from achieving their full potential. Exercise is stress, and the body needs time to rebuild to positively adapt to training. Massage on a Power Plate stimulates lymphatic flush, eases pains, promotes faster recovery of damaged muscles and soft tissue, improves joint function, and helps reduce delayed onset muscle soreness. you return stronger from hard training—all in only a few minutes a day.



of American pro football teams are outfitted with Power Plate units


of college athletic programs train with Power Plate


of pro baseball clubhouses use Power Plate


of pro basketball teams include Power Plate in training

Eddie Jones – England Rugby Head Coach

“Power Plate provides optimal stimulation as a pre-training preparation and also helps in quick recovery after performance. This is essential for victory.”