Clare Hozack
September 1, 2021
Women’s Health Ambassador

Being judged on first impressions is part and parcel of being in the spotlight in this day and age, and the first impression of Clare Hozack is nothing short of impressive. Her dynamic personality along with the intelligent way she talks of all things related to exercise and women’s health and wellbeing shows she will be an inspiration as Power Plate Women’s Health Ambassador.

Holding a notable resume that includes sailing with the Australian Sailing Team, being an educator at industry events like FILEX, through to being a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach at the NSW Institute of Sport, launching Burrell Education in Australia and New Zealand, and to now running her own fitness studio in New South Wales – “IntoYou” –  you can understand that Clare is a sought-after expert and why Power Plate has chosen her as their ambassador in the women’s health arena.

The Power Plate difference

When explaining the benefits of training on a Power Plate machine compared to a traditional weight machine Clare’s analogy is brilliant and simple.

”Traditional training on a single exercise machine is like having a Vitamin C tablet, you are just focusing on one aspect.  The same exercise on the Power Plate machine is like having the “whole orange”.  With the “whole orange” you are getting all the goodness – such as strengthening, lengthening, hydration, and postural stability – in a very efficient way. 30 times per second more efficiently, in fact!  Power Plate gives you so much more than a single exercise machine can. It provides multiple functionality to enhance how you live life rather than just gaining strength for gym machines”, says Clare.

With over 14 years’ experience under her belt using Power Plate technology in her own business, becoming a Power Plate Women’s Health Ambassador presents Clare with the opportunity to be part of something that she sees as having so much unexplored potential, and at the same time to use the platform to create more awareness of often overlooked aspects of fitness and exercise training for women.

What sets Clare apart from the average trainer is her ability to explain the rationale behind her exercise programs in easily understood terms.  Understanding “why” you are doing the exercise in a certain order for a certain amount of time creates a strong mind-body connection and is part of her client education ethos.  This depth of insight is very reassuring for those of us that have vulnerabilities such as pain, medical conditions and reduced mobility.  For most people understanding the “why” builds confidence, trust and willingness to push through the fear that can hold us back from making the breakthroughs that are needed to achieve results.

Weekly Facebook LIVE “Ask Clare” sessions

Clare’s ambassador role includes weekly “Ask Clare” Facebook live sessions on Mondays at 12:30 pm (Sydney time).  She is looking forward to facilitating discussions around the “sticky” topics during these sessions.  The “pretty” stuff is being done to death and women are beginning to see it for what it is.  However, being able to talk about the real issues women face, particularly after having children, and being able to figure out how exercising on a Power Plate machine can improve the quality of life for these women, is what Clare is passionate about.

As a mother of two, Clare has a deep understanding of the challenges women can face post- pregnancy.  With her insights, Clare recognizes how important it is to deliver accessible and intelligent training for parenthood, making daily life easier and not shying away from tackling the distressing conditions many women endure post-pregnancy.

Clare has an incredible amount of wisdom to offer a wide audience.  Having navigated her way through her own serious health issues, she brings empathy and acknowledgement that overcoming illness is as much a mental challenge as a physical one. Clare believes that  to successfully navigate through to the other side of illness, injury, pain and for living life, we need “smart trainers and Power Plate machines!”

Many trainers don’t necessarily understand the intricacies of how to train women effectively.  The more gung-ho think their role is to “smash” people.  This approach, coupled with restrictive dieting for women, doesn’t achieve good results for the majority.  What it can lead to is a stressed body.  For women a stressed body plays havoc with our delicate hormonal balance.  Particularly if the levels of cortisol spike. This causes the body to hold on to fat stores, which is contrary to what we are trying to achieve!

Train according to women’s life cycles

In addition to the “Ask Clare” Facebook LIVE sessions on the Power Plate Australia facebook page, Clare will be producing a series of “Follow Me” videos targeting women.  We will learn about the best ways to train our bodies during the many phases in our life cycles.  One of which will reveal how to exercise when we are in our “superhuman” phase and when to adapt our exercise for the days we are not!

By following Clare’s sessions women will have the opportunity to learn from her expertise and experience and be educated in the most advantageous methods to train their bodies in a harmonious way.  Clare’s intellect and engaging point of view will provide women of all ages with the tools and confidence to achieve results without the need to “train like a man” or endure restrictive dieting.

Clare will be raising many fascinating topics and sharing her fantastic training programs over the coming months, so there will be much to look forward to.  Having Clare as a Power Plate Women’s Health ambassador  inspiring us, empowering us and most importantly, providing us with the “know how” to achieve the results we strive for, will be an absolute gift to participate in and without a doubt something not to be missed!


  • by Belinda Kropach