September 14, 2021
Power Plate unleashed her power

Not many 15-year olds have the courage or the smarts to start a business, let alone a business in the crowded fitness industry, full of gimmicks and unmet expectations of transformation. This inspirational story about Olivia tells of how Power Plate unleashed her power and became the vehicle to her achieving just that.

A Tony Robbins event that Olivia attended in New York when she was all of 15 years old sparked a personal journey. Olivia discovered the courage within herself and tapped into accessible know-how to trigger transformational change, firing up her passion to reach her goals. Having the motivation and the inspiration was the start. But the vehicle was still missing – the “thing” that she could get passionate about and use to achieve her plans.


A catalyst to success

This Thing, she discovered at an expo in New Zealand, was Power Plate. Her two-minute experience on the Power Plate machine awakened not only some little-used muscles in her legs, but an incredulity. The next day Olivia felt as if her legs had gone through a serious workout, and she thought “Gosh, that machine is something else!”. This initial demonstration was the catalyst to Olivia’s developing a lifelong connection to Power Plate, and achieving what had once seemed unthinkable success.

After 5 years of running her highly successful Power Plate studio in Gisborne, personal circumstances led Olivia to selling up and moving to Spain. Thinking that she had left all involvement with Power Plate behind her, imagine her surprise on landing at the airport, and being confronted by a big billboard advertising Power Plate!  Every gym that Olivia went to in Spain had at least one Power Plate machine. Adios to thoughts of joining the ranks of nannies for her OE – and Hola to Olivia’s applying her solid experience as a Power Plate trainer in numerous European studios!


Power Plate downunder

After a year it was time for Olivia to say adios to the azure waters and Power Plate studios as she headed back downunder to Australia. Once again a Power Plate opportunity presented itself, this time with the Australian distributors. Olivia managed their flagship Power Plate Studio, delivering Power Plate training for some of Australian’s silver-screen celebrities. No surprise by now perhaps, she also proved to be a top Power Plate salesperson. Being a passionate advocate of the benefits of whole body vibration, and having seen countless user transformations, Olivia pretty quickly joined the Million Dollar club for Power Plate consumer sales.

What was the secret sauce to her achieving such brilliant sales success? No secret really. Her wealth of first-hand Power Plate experiences gave Olivia authenticity and credibility. She was able to give personalised, relevant advice to her buyers who experienced fantastic outcomes as a result. This naturally generated great word of mouth referrals.

Consumer Power Plate sales were not Olivia’s only focus. She also spent a lot of time sharing her best-practice advice for operating successful Power Plate commercial facilities, especially in terms of long-term member retention and member referrals. Some of Olivia’s founding clients have been training on the Power Plate for over 16 years and it has become part of their daily lifestyles.  They love it because Power Plate sessions are no more than 30 minutes, it’s personalized, and the versatility the technology offers means it can cater to people with different needs wanting different outcomes.


Power Plate for weightloss

One of Olivia’s customer success stories is of a lady who joined her studio wanting to lose weight. Now this is not uncommon. Whole body vibration has been scientifically validated as more successful at assisting with long term visceral fat than conventional forms of exercise. But what stands out about this case is the  dramatic improvement Olivia withnessed in her client’s self-esteem.

Within 12 months this client had not only lost 30kg, but her personal styling wardrobe had undergone a marvellous metamorphosis. Clothes that could previously have hidden her body shape had been replaced with colourful, figure-hugging dresses, and she no longer shied away from the camera. The success she had achieved from her hard work on the Power Plate was enough to persuade her she needed to buy her own Power Plate machine when she relocated to a new hometown so as to never be without it.

Olivia has a unique analogy when describing how Power Plate works

It’s like putting a chicken in the microwave, and cooking the chicken in half an hour, compared to cooking it in the oven for an hour and a half. At the end of the day, it’s still going to be cooked chicken!

For Olivia’s own use the Power Plate difference is all about its speed and efficacy. “I want fast. I don’t like spending hours working out at the gym. I like quick results. And I like to feel toned and strong.  Also, I like knowing that its making a difference to my bone density as I age.”


Olivia goes full circle

A change in personal circumstances led Olivia back to her hometown in New Zealand. As fate would have it, Olivia ended up buying back her original Power Plate Studio. Within just a few months she had the Total Body Power Plate Authorised Centre back up to full capacity and waitlisted memberships. The circle had been completed!

Olivia has been able to apply some of her many learnings from over the years, and has diversified the business to also offer Pilates, yoga and TRX to the exercise options. In addition she has added a Wellness Store carrying natural bodycare products, and a Cafe offering scrumptious organic snacks and slices.

Starting out in business so young gave Olivia a headstart, and Power Plate unleashed her power. Despite all this global experience she is only a little over 30 years! Can you imagine what is on the cards next for this inspirational young woman? Bet you one thing though – Power Plate will always be in her life.


– by Belinda Kropach

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