John Polley with Power Plate
June 25, 2021
Power Plate appoints John Polley as Ambassador

Perth-based John Polley, affectionately known in the industry as “JP”, brings his vast experience as an award-winning international educator in human movement, keynote speaker, master instructor and mentor, alongside his long history of using Power Plate vibration to help people move better and live better.

JP says “I first encountered Power Plate while I was working as a PT in a gym in Edinburgh in 2007. No one in the gym seemed to be using these awesome tools, so I got to know how they worked and started using them in my training sessions. In the 14 years that followed, I’ve become an avid fan of whole-body vibration. As both a movement therapist and master educator I have countless success stories using it. This modality of training does some things literally nothing else can, and Power Plate is the gold standard in the whole-body vibration training category. To be associated with the Power Plate brand in this way is an honour.”

JP will be sharing his in-depth knowledge of movement, the myofascial system, tissue health and the mind-body connection through weekly live online videos and other communication channels, helping more people to engage with vibration, especially in the foundation components of performance: PREPARATION and RECOVERY.

He’ll also contribute to content creation, and work with regional management in communicating the vast array of benefits Power Plate whole body vibration training and percussive therapy can add to all aspects of human movement.

Erica Minter, Power Plate territory manager for Australia and NZ, says “We’re excited to welcome JP closer into the Power Plate family. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience with our products. His philosophy on movement is closely aligned with the Power Plate mission to bring health and performance benefits to an inclusive range of people of vastly differing levels of conditioning, age and ability.  JP’s unique communication skills will help us bring this message to a broader audience.”

About John Polley

JP, originally from  UK, now lives in Perth, Western Australia, with his wife and 3 (nearly 4!) young children. Having changed careers in 2006 to enter the fitness industry, he has expanded steadily into other realms of health, wellness and movement. In the past 5 years he has developed his highly successful ‘Next Level’ industry mentorships and written and delivered a wide range of education, both online and in person. JP is now a full-time educator, speaker and mentor, working from the guiding Next Level principle that “Everything is connected to everything”. He advocates what he calls a 3HD approach to helping human beings – an approach using the 3 human dimensions: mental, emotional and physical. Learn more about JP here.