John Polley Power Plate Ambassador
August 6, 2021
I LOVE my Power Plate equipment!

To be clear from the start, I love my Power Plate equipment! I don’t feel my love of the equipment makes my message less powerful, less believable or indeed, less true. We live in a world where being seen as partisan, somehow reduces credibility. But who do we want to learn from, about anything? Those sitting on the fence, or those who believe entirely in their message?

So, as I say, I love my Power Plate equipment unashamedly 😊

And this is WHY I love Power Plate:



Whether I’m looking to open up my body ready to move, activate my body ready to perform or relax my body for recovery, it enhances each goal. However, it adds something more. You know that saying that if you can feel your clothes, they’re not the right fit for you. Well, the feeling of freedom and ironically, lack of feeling left in my body afterwards, is the stuff of dreams. I don’t ‘feel’ my body because it’s functioning at its best – no discomfort, no tension – just FREEDOM AND LIGHTNESS.

Reason two – IT WORKS….. AND IN LESS TIME!

As I said above, whatever I’m trying to achieve, it takes me there. But it takes me there more quickly. Not ‘too quickly’ or in any way rushed, or missing out vital steps. The speed of the vibration means my natural reflexes in my body respond more. More quickly, in greater volume and to greater intensity. Result? Well, BIGGER RESULTS!

Reason three – MY CLIENTS LOVE IT!

It may be all well and good my loving my Power Plate products, but the acid test is my clients. The products are suitable for literally ANYONE cleared to exercise and literally EVERYONE who uses them says they love them. Why? Well, check out points one and two above. Then add in that it may be that the only time they feel fully relaxed all week is when they use the tools for recovery at the end of their sessions. Those warm fuzzies will get you every time. It’s the bit at the end of a yoga class that everyone looks forward to, only without the OM…unless you want to add that in too 😊

Reason four – VERSATILITY!

In a single day you can turn up for work with a bit of back soreness and lie on your Power Plate Move for some massage. Then get up on your feet for some activation and stabilisation. Your first client comes in with some hip trouble. Out comes the Power Plate Pulse and you go through some specific movements with the Pulse directed to the offending issue. This brings valuable fluid transportation and great ROM as well as reduction in discomfort.

Client two has a little over-activation in the rhomboids, so out comes the Power Plate Dualsphere with some multi-direction reaches to bring those into line. Next you get them onto the Power Plate Move for some explosive drills.

Your last client comes in from a stressful day at work – over-stimulated, foggy-headed, tense – and wants to train. You can lie them on the Power Plate Move while they download their day, bringing balance to their autonomic nervous system. Then you can ask them to stand on the machine while you continue your chat and play catch, activating their tissues and getting them ready for more movement in a much better physical, mental and emotional state. You might suggest they get their Power Plate Mini out at home and use it on their traps night and morning to relieve the tension they are holding there.

You see, there’s something for everyone and almost any situation 😊


It makes sense! That’s my reason five. For those that doubt the benefits of vibration training, I’d suspect they hadn’t used it. If scientific papers (which are available) were needed for you to feel benefits, then we would need to work on interoceptive awareness and have a discussion about your need for safety, because this form of vibration just makes sense.

My mental understanding of the science is supported by my (and my clients’) physical experience of the tools, which therefore has me emotionally invested in its efficacy. If we get stuck on debating the research and don’t try the tools, then how can we really have done the most important part of the research? Knowing how cars work is not the same as experiencing being driven in a Ferrari through the Swiss Alps, if you get my meaning!

That’s all from me for now. I’ll be back next month. In the meantime, check out my Ambassador tutorial videos if you would like to see some of the ways I’m engaging with the tools, and follow my weekly Facebook LIVE sessions. Connect with me anytime for questions or comments!

– by John Polley (aka “JP”)

ABOUT John Polley

JP lives in Perth, Australia with his wife, 4 kids and pet Power Plates – the Move, Roller, Dualsphere, Pulse and Mini+. 😊 He is known for his integrated approach to fitness, incorporating the mental, emotional and physical (myofascial) systems as one complete whole. JP was awarded Exercise Association of New Zealand’s Educator of the Year 2019. He’s been presenting education to the industry in Australia and New Zealand for a decade, has spoken at all the major conferences in the region – Filex, Fitex, WAFIC, ExPro Singapore – and has his own mentorships under his brand Next Level.

JP has a natural, conversational and humorous style which people find engaging and fun. During his career, he has held numerous master instructor roles for ViPR, Sandbells, PTA Global, freeform board, Throwdown etc and is currently a proud ambassador for Power Plate. He loves connecting with new people and understanding how he can add to their lives.