Accelerate Recovery

Discover a better path to recovery

When you’re overcoming an injury, getting back to your healthy self can’t come fast enough. By incorporating vibration into your rehab program, Power Plate is scientifically proven to actually speed up the recovery process — all while decreasing pain and inflammation. By working muscles that you can’t reach with conventional exercise machines, Power Plate increases circulation to deliver more oxygen to the muscles and rejuvenate the body. Improved strength accompanies this healing to help you feel better faster.

Many rehabilitation centers use Power Plate as part of their healing treatments, and in fact, we’re the only specialized company in this field to be a certified medical device manufacturer.

Below are some recommended models.

PrecisionWave™ Technology
Dual Sync™ Twin Motor System
Multiple Time Selectors
Remote Control
Incremental Frequency Settings
User–friendly Interactive Display
ProMotion™ Technology
On–screen Training Videos
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Platform Dimensions
Maximum Load
Power Plate Pro5™
87cm x 109cm x 155cm
86cm x 94cm
Power Plate My7™
84cm x 99cm x 150cm
84cm x 74cm
Power Plate Pro7 HC™
96cm x 117cm x 155cm
96cm x 94cm