Small but mighty

Space saving options

Even if your space is limited, that is no reason to compromise your workouts. Power Plate has space saving models that can give you an edge to make the most of any environment. Each of these smaller and lighter models features our proprietary whole vibration technology engineered to activate your body’s natural reflexive response in order to engage muscles and multiply the results of any exercise.

Power Plate can invigorate your excitement about working out by helping you prepare faster, perform better, and recover quicker. As a result, you’ll maintain weight loss and improve core strength.

Whether you’re looking to outfit a small corner in your home, or you’re an athlete or trainer looking for a portable model, the below recommended models will fit your needs.

Below are some recommended models.

PrecisionWave™ Technology
Dual Sync™ Twin Motor System
Multiple Time Selectors
Remote Control
Incremental Frequency Settings
User–friendly Interactive Display
Mobile Unit
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Platform Dimensions
Maximum Load
Power Plate My3™
76cm x 64cm x 155cm
64cm x 43cm
Personal Power Plate™
With app
With app
70cm x 47.5 x 15.7cm
Power Plate MOVE™
77cm x 61cm x 23cm