May 20, 2021
Active Ageing – Maintaining Movement Longevity

Exercising on Power Plate can be a safe, efficient and a non-exhausting active ageing alternative to a traditional fitness training program, enhancing muscle strength and cardiorespiratory fitness in older individuals.


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Exercise and physical activity provide significant benefits for the ageing population. Power Plate’s vibrating platform triggers immediate contractions of working and stabilizing muscles, resulting in positive improvements in strength, balance, flexibility, postural control, circulation, and coordination. In addition, the harmonic vibration contributes to positive hormonal responses.

It gets the job done faster. Power Plate training is more efficient than any other traditional exercise, amplifying the benefits of smaller movements, without additional weights, making it ideal for older users who could have limited physical mobility or that might be concerned about the risk of falling.

Power Plate equipment offers one of the most efficient workouts available – providing a total-body workout in less time than traditional exercise. It’s low impact, fun, and best of all, it’s accessible to everyone.


Staying Happy, Healthy, and Independent

Falling when we get older and the impact that it can have on our lives and the lives of our friends and loved ones is a big worry to many, going well beyond just the cost of rehabilitation and care.

Balance impairment and muscle weakness caused by ‘sedentary aging’ are the most prevalent and modifiable risk factors for people aged 55 and older that can eventually lead to loss of independent living and reduced quality of life.

Strength and balance training has been formally identified by many medical organizations globally as the single most effective intervention to counteract these factors.


Proven health benefits also include:

  • HEART HEALTH – increased cardiovascular fitness, reduced arterial stiffness, reduced blood pressure
  • BONE HEALTH – promotes bone-building activity without high-impact exercise
  • FAT LOSS – increased metabolism and reduced abdominal fat, good for tackling obesity and a great exercise tool for diabetics
  • FALL PREVENTION – improved balance, improved functional strength, better range of motion, improved postural sway and enhanced proprioception all help to significantly reduce fall risk
  • IMPROVED MOBILITY – hydrates the body and “unsticks” tight fascia, resulting in much better movement ability, better posture, flexibility and mobility
  • INCREASED STRENGTH – proven to significantly increase strength, increase lean muscle mass and muscle strength, reversing sarcopaenia
  • REDUCED PAIN – reduce arthritic pain and other muscle aches and pains; reduce soreness that follows physical activity
  • NEUROPATHIES – maintain nerve health with increased circulation to the small nerve bundles and rapid neuromuscular stimulation; improved motor learning to restore function.


How can you get started as an Active Ageing Power Plate user?

It’s as simple as putting your feet on the plate while seated. Sitting comfortably in a chair that allows you to place both feet on the Power Plate will activate muscles your feet and calves, increasing circulation and functional strength in the feet. Implement some sensory activation drills and you can work towards functional foot fitness, reducing falls, improving balance, and even cognitive training.To get started using the whole body vibration of Power Plate try out this two part series. It’s a great way to focus on improving balance, brain and bone health. Visit this page to help choose your model for home.


What others are saying

Since I have been working out on the Power Plate machine I feel my circulation is much better and so is my balance. I especially appreciate the massage techniques after my workout. I can only say that I am grateful for the improvement to my wellbeing and fitness. – W.C.

I have been using the Power Plate machine approximately three to four times a week since mid-January and find the leg strengthening exercises very beneficial. There has been a definite improvement and my leg muscles feel stronger. I will continue to use the Power Plate for a simple routine set of movements. – B.J.

I am so grateful for the Power Plate machine’s being at Greenwood Park. I had a fall a few months ago, and I have a hamstring injury which gives me a lot of pain. Since I have been working out on this from three to four times a week it has improved. Provided I keep the work up on the Power Plate machine the condition is tolerable and I sleep much better and can sit for longer. I also feel that the machine is helping with my balance. Thank you for whoever provided this. – P.C.

I have been suffering now for over 20 years of what they call restless leg syndrome. It is very awkward going to meetings as I just cannot sit still. Even at home trying to watch TV I usually end up lying on my tummy on the floor. These last two weeks I have been able to stay in my chair and last Friday evening at a friend’s place, I never did get up or hardly fidgeted. Another great thing was that at a meeting on Saturday morning from 9.30 till 12.30 I was not embarrassed as I could stay in my chair. I do enjoy the Power Plate and truly trust it will help me even more when I keep using it. – E.G.

I would like to endorse the use of the Power Plate machine in the Centre. I have had a great deal of trouble walking, over the past few years, and credit the use of this machine with a much improved ability to get around more freely. I use it regularly and appreciate it very much. – B.G.